Pallet Management System :

We supply new pallets.

Your product ships on the pallets.

We retrieve the pallets from each plant after delivery.

The retrieved pallets are sorted and inspected for damage and repaired.

The pallets are resent back to you closing the loop.

Buy New Pallets :

We make new pallets tailored to your needs as you may not fit into the box of traditional pallet design.
Contact Us:

RePallet Pallets Business Redefined

Plot No. 47, Survey No. 81 & 84,
Anrich Industrial Estate,
Bollaram Village, Jinnaram Mandal,
Telangana – 502325 (India)

Phone: +91-9959055677

Sell Used Pallets :

We at Repallet accept scrap that range from Pallets, Boxes, Crates, Cable drums,Blocks, Ply wood, Particle board, MDF Boards. If you currently do not recycle your wood scrap or you are looking to sell wooden scrap contact us to explore an avenue which would benefit you and your company saving time, money, and effort whilst offering a long term sustainable solution for your company’s wood waste.

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